What does professional wedding photography cost? We asked the Fearless community of professional wedding photographers from all over the world. Pricing. The mere mentioning of the word could send some photographers shivering in the corner. It's definitely one of the most important factors in running a. Discover the average fee of Italian Wedding Photographers (with photos). Tips & Ideas to save money on Wedding Photography and getting the best photos ever.


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Some established photographers like me are wedding photography prices interested in maximizing free time and therefore are not interested in booking as many weddings as possible, but instead want to book a smaller number of high-paying weddings.

Wedding Photography Prices Around the World

Setting your prices will significantly change the way your business runs, and therefore, it's important that you know exactly what you want before setting your rates. Most wedding photographers do not publish their complete price lists, but they may have a starting price wedding photography prices on their website.


Use these numbers to determine what your starting price should be based on the wedding photography prices of your work. Visit Cost of Wedding and wedding photography prices in your current zip code to determine the average wedding costs in your area.

This happens to be right around where my average price for weddings naturally fell. Bridal portrait at sunset 4.

  • Wedding Photography Prices Around the World
  • Putting Your Numbers Together

It's important to remember that every client has wedding photography prices different photography requirements and budgets, and therefore, you do wedding photography prices want to exclude the majority of your clients because your prices are too specific. Don't Set Your Prices Too Low If you're just getting started, your rates are going to have to be low, and they should be.

Couples pay the big bucks for experience and consistency, and if you haven't been doing this for years, you won't have either. If your only goal is to get experience, feel free to try this only for the first one or two weddings and then quickly raise your rates from there.

A Comprehensive Guide To Pricing Your Wedding Photography

Don't Set Your Prices Too High If you set your prices too low, you may never book a wedding, because nobody will respect your work, but you can always raise your prices. What this does is it gives you a range to shoot for as you develop your pricing structure.

What is Your Capacity? Next, you wedding photography prices to do some market research to consider how scaleable your wedding business is.

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing: Part 1

In some areas, you might have the wedding photography prices for three weddings a week year round. Other places have very few weddings that occur on days besides Saturday.

Some businesses are husband and wife teams or partnerships that can handle multiple weddings wedding photography prices the same day. Some of you are on your own and can only handle one wedding per day.

Lastly, you need to consider how much of an editing load you can handle.

If you already have an established portrait business, you might not be able to hand more than a handful of weddings and be able to keep up. But, if you outsource your editing, the sky is the wedding photography prices. For example, in my area weddings are almost exclusively on Saturdays.

December to February is very slow because of the weather. Since I wedding photography prices on my own, my potential for booking is only one wedding per week, for roughly 40 weeks of the year.

This is the maximum number of weddings I can plan on booking in my area, and the number I should expect to book is going to be even smaller than that. So how do you make your decision? It will most likely be based on one of these three factors; convenience, experience, and price.

Top 5 Most Common Pricing Mistakes for Wedding Photographers - Photoism

For convenience, you might turn into the first driveway that you come across. Or you might go into one that has the shortest line. None of these choices will be about the quality of the product you are purchasing. Well, photography works the same way. This is not a great place to compete.

Also, keep in mind, the longer a photographer stays in wedding photography prices pricing dead zone, wedding photography prices harder it is to get out. Photos by Jeremy Chou Photography 4.