The Vogue US September issue is literally the biggest issue yet with pages, surpassing the previous world record held. US Vogue chose Lady Gaga to be the cover star of its special anniversary September issue. The music icon fronts the huge page. Results 1 - 48 of - American Vogue September with Lady Gaga on the cover. Some rippling/water damage at the back and slight rippling at the front.


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Vogue's th anniversary cover featuring 10 supermodels, and is the highest-selling issue ever. Hillary Clinton becomes the first American first lady to cover the magazine. Lady Gaga covers the largest edition of Vogue, the magazine weighing in at 4.

  • Vogue US September | The Vogue by Norman Jean Roy | FASHION SLOP
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appear on the cover in one of the most controversial cover shoots for Vogue. Kardashian is the first reality vogue us september 2012 star on the cover and West is the first rapper on the cover.

Vogue breaks own record with page Sep issue

They are also the first interracial couple to appear on the cover of the magazine. Vogue Australia editor Edwina McCann explained: In the magazine vogue us september 2012 moving away from those very young, very thin girls. A year down the track, we ask ourselves what can Vogue do about it?

And an issue like this [June issue] is what we can do about it.

Pages: September issue is Vogue’s biggest ever - The Globe and Mail

If I was aware of a girl being ill on a photo shoot I wouldn't allow that shoot to go ahead, or if a girl had an eating disorder I would vogue us september 2012 shoot her.

New York-based Australian plus-size model Robyn Lawleypreviously featured on the cover of Vogue Italiaalso appeared in a swimwear shoot for the June issue.


vogue us september 2012 The name Vogue means "style" in French. Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in a December edition of The New York Times as "the world's most influential fashion magazine ": Seeing Glass represented so beautifully in this issue is a huge thrill for the entire Glass team.

916 pages: September issue is Vogue’s biggest ever

The event was co-hosted by Vogue in 27 cities around the US and 15 countries worldwide, and included online retailers at the beginning of While Ellie and I were frustrated by the thought of lugging around our September magazines, what would a professional mail carrier think about the oversized periodicals this time of year?

I asked my local postal worker what she thought about these bulky magazines, "So heavy! It takes up a lot of space. I cannot use both hands. Vogue us september 2012, perhaps there was just a small-mailbox-in-Manhattan trend?

They kindly responded, through vogue us september 2012 press department: The Postal Service appreciates any and all mail that we are entrusted to deliver — regardless of the size or weight as long [as it] meets requirement, of course. If a magazine is too thick to fit into a specific the mailbox, the carrier is supposed to leave a notice and take it back to the station, as opposed to attempting to make the magazine fit and risking the mail piece being ripped or mangled in the process.

Jeremy Irons in Vogue Magazine – September |

At least our issue of Vogue wasn't tattered upon arrival. But, clearly adjustments were vogue us september 2012 by the USPS considering Vogue's circulation, which includes over one million subscribers.

The postal worker I spoke to agreed, claiming that she hasn't seen magazines this large in a decade.