Training for a specific occupation in agriculture,, trade, or industry through a combination of theoretical teaching and practical experience provided by many high schools in their commercial and technical divisions, and by special institutions of collegiate standing (as a college of agriculture, a school of. In today's economy vocational jobs are becoming more and more important. This is why vocational education programs are popular. Vocational education. Vocational education, instruction intended to equip persons for industrial or commercial occupations. It may be obtained either formally in trade schools.


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Some portions of the information technology field are taught in vocational education programs as well.

Vocational education

This allows students to decide from a vast array of career choices. The retail field vocational education definition one of those career opportunities that allow for growth.

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Workers can start off in training positions and work their way up to management. Most retail companies have their own training programs for specific jobs.

Vocational education - definition of vocational education by The Free Dictionary

These possibilities make retail even more welcoming to new employees. Tourism is also a great field to consider in the vocational realm.

This area includes planning trips to being a tour guide. Vocational education definition lines are popular parts of this field and their employment opportunities are immense.

The Vocational Education Act of played a role in what this field has grown into.

Vocational education - Wikipedia

See Article History Vocational education, instruction intended to equip persons for industrial or commercial occupations. It may be obtained either formally in trade schools, technical secondary schools, or in on-the-job training programs or, vocational education definition informally, by picking up the necessary skills on the job.

TVETipedia has been relaunched. Please click on the images on the left to access our current services. All programmes at upper secondary level require the vocational education definition of a tuition fee.

The upper secondary vocational education system vocational education definition Mexico includes over a dozen subsystems administrative units within the Upper Secondary Education Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Public Education, responsible for vocational programmes which differ from each other to varying vocational education definition in content, administration, and target group.

The large number of school types and corresponding administrative units within the Ministry of Public Education makes the institutional landscape of vocational education and training complex by international standards.

Vocational education and training provided under the Upper Secondary Education Undersecretariat includes three main types of programme: After completing the programme, students may enter the labour market.

Vocational education |

This programme does not provide direct access to tertiary education. Those who complete lower secondary education may choose between two broad options of vocational upper secondary education at ISCED 3 level.

Both programmes normally take three years to complete and offer a vocational degree as vocational education definition as the baccalaureate, which is required for entry into tertiary education. Students are required to complete hours of practical training.

Vocational education definition includes more general and less vocational education: The programmes can be attended in either of two pathways.


So in effect, students have a choice out of 32 trajectories, leading to over professional qualifications. Vocational education definition usually receive a wage negotiated in collective agreements.

Employers taking on these apprentices receive a subsidy in the form of a tax reduction on the wages of the apprentice.


The social partners participate actively in the development of policy. Its responsibility is to advise the Minister on the development of the national vocational education and training system, based on the vocational education definition consensus of the constituent members the representative organisations of schools and of entrepreneurship and their centres of expertise.

The Centres of Expertices are linked to the four vocational education programmes provided in senior secondary VET on the content of VET programmes and on trends and future skill needs.


The unique element is that ITOs purchase training as well as set standards and aggregate industry opinion about skills in the labour market.