Help your students to build strong relationships with the people around them with our Friendship and Social Skills resources for SEND classes. Featuring. From babies to teens: 17 social skills activities. Turn-taking games for babies. The name game for toddlers. Preschool games that reward attention and self-control. Music-making and rhythm games for young children. Group games of dramatic, pretend play. "Emotion charades" for young children. Our Premium Packets are full activities, complete with an introduction, skill-building exercises, visual teaching tools, homework and review, and a printable.


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Have your child make their own book of idioms that they hear. Online There are many websites that list idioms or have games to try guessing what the idiom social skills activities means.


Have social skills activities child try to pair them up. Many misunderstandings arise from kids misinterpreting the emotions of others. Sometimes kids can be social skills activities by what a particular look means. They may easily mistake a look of disappointment and think someone is angry, or they may mistake a nervous expression for a funny one.

Emotion Charades Instead of using movie titles, animal or other typical words, use emotions.

Social skills activities for children and teens: Evidence-based tips

Social skills activities down feeling words on pieces of paper — or, print out and cut up the worksheet below. Take turns picking a slip of paper and then acting out the word written on it.

You could substitute written words for pictures showing the emotion. If kids prefer, you can draw the emotion rather than act it out like in the game Pictionary. You can make it harder by setting social skills activities rule that you cannot draw the emotion using a face.

Instead, they have to express the feeling by drawing the body language or aspects of a situation that would lead to social skills activities emotion e.

Face It Face games are a way to work on social interaction.


Touch your nose or stick out your tongue social skills activities have him or her imitate you. Make funny faces that the child can copy. Kids with social skills deficits often have trouble reading expressions and interacting socially, so activities that get them more comfortable with these situations are a great idea.

SEN Friendship and Social Skills Resources

You can also cut them up and make a matching set of words written or social skills activities similar faces and then you can play a matching or memory card game. Staying On Topic When people have a conversation, they pick a topic to discuss.

Each person adds something to the conversation until the conversation has finished or the top has changed. Sometimes it is hard for children to stay on topic and take part of a regular conversation. Here are some activities to help with staying on topic and carrying out a conversation. Topic Game Play a game with the alphabet where every letter has to be the beginning of a word in a theme such as fruit or vegetable: A…apple, B…banana, C…carrot Step into Conversation Step into Conversation is a social skills activities tool that provides children with autism with the structure and support they need to hold interactive conversations.

Social Skills Activities for Kids |

Then ask this child to name someone in the circle and roll the ball to him or her. The recipient then does the same thing--naming a recipient and rolling the ball--and the process repeats social skills activities throughout the game Teachers' College, Columbia University Preschool games that reward attention and self-control To get along well social skills activities others, children need to develop focus, attention skills, and the ability to restrain their impulses.

The preschool years are an important time to learn such self-control, and we can help them do it. Traditional games like "Simon Says" and "Red light, Green light" give youngsters practice in following directions and regulating their own social skills activities.

Friendship and Social Skills Primary Resources

Social skills activities more information, see the research-tested games described in this article about teaching self-control. For additional advice about the socialization of young children, see this article about preschool social skills.

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Music-making and rhythm games for young children Young children are often inclined to help other people.