Summary Statement. A NIOSH alert about the dangers of silicosis including case studies, methods of prevention, health effects, exposure limits, and examples of. Save lives and prevent new cases of silicosis, a severe lung disease. Understand the occupational exposure limits to keep workers safe from. MMWR. ; 2 figures, 1 table omitted. Silicosis is a preventable occupational lung disease caused by inhaling dust containing crystalline silica1;.


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Medscape prescribed the following medical care for silicosis patient: Prevent further exposure to silica dust.

Preventing Silicosis | Features | CDC

Strongly advise patients to quit smoking and provide help in smoking cessation efforts. Immunize patients silicosis prevention influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia.

Corticosteroids may be of benefit in acute silicosis prevention. A study of 3, gold miners exposed to silica in South Dakota reported an increased risk for silicosis.

First, accuracy of the coding of usual industry and occupation on death certificates was not verifiable because individual work histories are not listed on death silicosis prevention. Second, codes for usual industry and occupation were available only silicosis prevention the period for 26 states; thus, these data might not be nationally representative.

Silicosis Mortality, Prevention, and Control—United States, 1968-2002

Fourth, no exposure information is listed on death certificates. Therefore, no silica exposure-response relationship was evaluated. The new occupational exposure limit is expected to save over lives and prevent more than new cases of silicosis annually. Controlling exposures to occupational hazards is the fundamental method of protecting workers.

Traditionally, a hierarchy of controls has silicosis prevention used as a means of determining how best to implement feasible and effective controls.

Prevention of Silicosis

One application of the hierarchy of controls to RCS exposure can be summarized as follows: Following the hierarchy normally leads to the implementation of inherently safer systems, ones where the risk of illness silicosis prevention injury has been substantially reduced.

Avoid using compressed air for cleaning surfaces. Use water sprays, wet methods for cutting, chipping, drilling, sawing, grinding, etc.

Substitute non-crystalline silica blasting material.

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Considering the huge population employed in mines, surface industries and unorganized sector that are at risk of silica exposure, it can be presumed on the basis of available studies that several hundred thousand workers in India suffer from silicosis.

The concern for prevention and control should be focused on unorganized sector like stone-cutting for slate pencil, Artisans involved in working with stones, some areas of construction sector, Glass and bangle workers and Agriculture workers.

The strategy to prevent and control Silicosis silicosis prevention the Country should focus on the following components: Dynamic sample survey in the high-risk sectors.

Central nodal agency that consolidates data on Silicosis from all sectors. Creating awareness among all stake holders and sensitizing community consciousness for Silicosis.

High-efficiency is the appropriate filter for respirable crystalline silica under 30 CFR 11; N, R, and P are the appropriate filters for respirable crystalline silica under 42 CFR The APF is the level of protection provided by each type of respirator.

Instruction about the purpose and set-up of regulated areas marking the boundaries silicosis prevention work areas containing crystalline silica Medical Monitoring Medical examinations should be available to all workers who may be exposed to respirable crystalline silicosis prevention.


However, examinations should always supplement effective dust monitoring and controls—never substitute for them.