Self-Renewal has ratings and 12 reviews. Ryn said: NOT "Gardner's is not a 'how-to-do-it' book for the conduct of modern society. It is something rarer. By John Gardner, Stanford – an Independent Publication of the Stanford Alumni in Kona, Hawaii, in April , he turns his thoughts to personal renewal. John W. Gardner was born in Los Angeles, California in He married native Guatemalan Aida Marroquin in They had two daughters Stephanie and.


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Jan 03, Steven Reames rated it it was amazing I stumbled across this book on a bookshelf at work and cracked it self renewal gardner at just the right time. Self renewal gardner Gardner doesn't present very specific solutions and this reads more lik I stumbled across this book on a bookshelf at work and cracked it open at just the right time.

Staying Vibrant and Curious

Although Gardner doesn't present very specific solutions and this reads more like a long essay, it's the kind of book that I'll probably go back and reread and mine for some of the concepts that he seems to be presenting. It's heavily quotable for some of the things that I speak publicly.

There are some sections where I found it rather difficult to follow but that is why we need to read a self renewal gardner more than once.

In SeptemberGardner lent his name and support to self renewal gardner John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities [7] at Stanford University, a center that partners with communities to develop leadership, conduct research, and effect change to improve the lives of youth.

John W. Gardner - Wikipedia

Gardner died of cancer in San Francisco on February 16, He was buried in San Francisco National Cemetery. Publications and speeches[ edit ] Excellence: Now I've discussed renewal at some length, but it isn't possible to talk about renewal without touching on the subject of motivation.

Someone defined horse sense as the good judgment horses have that prevents them from betting on people. But we have to bet on people -- and I place my bets more often self renewal gardner high motivation than on any other quality except judgment. There is no perfection of techniques that will substitute for the lift of spirit and heightened performance that comes from strong motivation, The world is moved by highly motivated people, by enthusiasts, by men and women who want something very much or believe very much.


I'm not talking about anything as narrow as ambition. After all, ambition eventually wears out and probably should.

John W. Gardner

But you can keep your self renewal gardner until the day you die. If I may offer you a simple maxim, "Be interesting," Everyone wants to be interesting -- but the vitalizing thing is to be interested. Keep a sense of curiosity. The nature of one's personal commitments is a powerful element in renewal, so let me say a word on that subject.

I once lived in a house where I could look out a window as I worked at my desk and observe a small herd of cattle browsing in a neighboring field. And I was struck with a thought that must have occurred to the earliest herdsmen tens of thousands of years self renewal gardner.

You never get the impression that a cow is about to have a nervous breakdown.

18 Quotes On Self-Renewal By John W. Gardner | Powerful Nonsense

Or is puzzling about the meaning of life. Humans have never mastered that kind of complacency. We are worriers and puzzlers, and we want meaning in our lives.

I'm not speaking idealistically; I'm stating a plainly self renewal gardner fact about men and women. It's a rare person who can go through life like a homeless alley cat, living from day to day, taking its pleasures where it can and dying unnoticed. That isn't to say that we haven't all known a few alley cats.

But it isn't the norm. It just isn't the way we're built.

As Robert Louis Stevenson said, "Old or young, we're on our last cruise. For many this life is a vale of tears; for no one is it free of self renewal gardner. But we are so designed that we can cope with it if we can live in some context of meaning.

Given that powerful help, we can draw on the deep springs of the human spirit, to see our suffering in the framework of all human suffering, to accept the gifts of life with thanks and endure life's indignities with dignity.