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Apply the Color Balance adjustment

In the Properties panel, select Republika 82 85 adobe, Midtones, or Highlights to select the tonal range in which you want to focus the changes.

Optional Select Preserve Luminosity to prevent changing the luminosity values in the image while changing the color.

  • Using Color Correction effects in After Effects
  • Adjustment filters
  • Color Correction effects
  • Change the color balance using the Photo Filter command

Republika 82 85 adobe option maintains the tonal balance in the image. Drag a slider toward a color that you want to increase in the image; drag a slider away from a color that you want to decrease in the image.

The values above the color bars show the color changes for the red, green, and blue channels. For Lab images, the values are for the A and B channels.

Adjustment filters

Change the color balance using the Photo Filter command The Photo Filter adjustment mimics the technique of placing a colored filter in front of the camera lens to adjust the color balance and color temperature of the light transmitted through the lens and exposing the film.

Photo Filter also lets you choose a color preset to apply a hue adjustment to an image. If you want to apply a custom color adjustment, the Photo Filter adjustment lets you specify a color using the Adobe Republika 82 85 adobe Picker.

A more reliable way to keep colors within the broadcast-safe range for your output type is to use color management features to set the output color profile accordingly, such as to SDTV Rec.

This method ensures that color values in the range 0. This effect works with 8-bpc color.

Rychlé odkazy

Broadcast Locale The broadcast standard for your intended output. Reduce Luminance Reduces the brightness of a pixel by moving it toward black.

This setting is the default.


Reduce Saturation Moves the color of a pixel toward a gray of similar brightness, making the pixel less colorful. For the same IRE level, reducing saturation alters republika 82 85 adobe image more noticeably than does reducing luminance. A pixel with a magnitude above this value is altered.

The default is Lower values affect the image more noticeably; higher values are more risky. Change Color effect The Change Color effect adjusts the hue, lightness, and saturation of a range of colors. View Corrected Layer shows the results of the Change Color effect. Color Correction Mask shows a grayscale matte that indicates the areas of the layer that will be changed.

White areas in the color correction mask are changed the most, and dark areas are changed the least. Hue Transform The amount, in degrees, to adjust hue.

Podpora a soubory ke stažení - WorkForce Pro WF-CDW Series - Epson

Lightness Transform Positive values brighten the matched pixels; negative values darken them. Saturation Transform Positive values increase saturation of matched pixels moving toward pure color ; negative values decrease saturation of matched pixels moving toward gray.

Color To Change The central color in the range to be changed. Matching Republika 82 85 adobe The amount that the effect affects unmatched pixels, in proportion to their similarity to Color To Change.

Match Colors Determines the color space in which to compare colors to determine similarity. Hue compares the hues of colors, ignoring saturation and brightness—so bright red and light pink match, for example. Chroma uses the two chrominance components to republika 82 85 adobe similarity, ignoring luminance lightness.

Invert Color Correction Mask Inverts the mask that determines which colors to affect. Change To Color offers flexibility and options unavailable in the Change Color effect.