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Pidilite Products

Like us and Stay updated on our Activities and Offers. According to the company, the dispatches of these products after addressing the apprehended problem have commenced. It aims to provide best-in-class technology and products to customers, comprising of manufacturers of furniture and varied industrial products with requirement of adhesives.

Vritti I Media used pidilite products innovative jingles to play at the AudioWala Station, which caught the audience's interest immediately.

Jowat has pioneered the development of several high end adhesive products, and has constantly undertaken development work at the cutting edge of adhesive technology. By this notice of motion, the plaintiff seeks an order and injunction against the defendant, its partners, its directors, proprietors, servants, subordinates, representatives, stockists, dealers, agents and all This Court accordingly granted leave to amend to the plaintiff to delete the names of the defendant nos.

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This Court has accordingly considered the pidilite products of reliefs only against the sole defendant i. Poma-Ex Products in this notice of motion.

Some of the relevant facts for the purpose of deciding this notice of motion are as under: The said registration, however, contained a condition "Registration of this trademark shall give no right to the exclusive use of the letters 'KWIK' except as shown in the representation of mark.

In so far as the ownership of the copyrights in the artistic work comprised in FEVIKWIK Distinctive Packaging is concerned, it is the case of the plaintiff that the said packaging was created in-house by an employee of the plaintiff during the course of employment and constituted an original artistic work in which copyrights subsist.

It is also the case of the plaintiff that the plaintiff has spent considerable amount of money as and by way of the advertisement and sales and promotional expenditure for promoting sale of the Fevi kwik products including those sold pidilite products the FEVIKWIK Distinctive Packaging.

According to the plaintiff, the plaintiff has incurred the advertisement and sales and promotional expenditure during the accounting year at Rs.

The plaintiff has placed reliance on the certificate of the Chartered Accountants dated 12th September in support of its case that the said amounts were incurred by the plaintiff on advertisement and sales and promotional expenditure for promoting sale of fevi kwik products including those sold in FEVIKWIK Distinctive Packaging.

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According pidilite products the plaintiff, the said products have been widely advertised on several T. Channels apart from the other modes of sales promotion.

Learned counsel appearing for the plaintiff invited my attention to the certificate of registration of trade mark dated 6 th January in respect of the pidilite products 'FEVIKWIK.

He also invited my attention pidilite products the certificate of registration of trade mark dated 19th December in respect of the mark "Fevi kwik.

There were two separate elements of the trademark i. Learned counsel invited my attention to page 36 of the plaint. He submits that the essential feature of the said packaging for its Learned counsel for the plaintiff invited my attention to a copy of the certified entries of the register of trademarks pidilite products 24 th October for use in legal proceedings in respect of trademark registration bearing No.

There was a disclaimer of use of the word "KWIK. Learned counsel for the plaintiff invited my attention to the photograph of the mark 'Fevi kwik" at Pidilite products 'H' of the plaint and submits that the said trademark contains two elements.


He also invited my attention to the photograph of the mark used by the defendant pidilite products Exhibit 'J' of the plaint i.

It is submitted that on bare pidilite products of the impugned products of the defendant, it is apparent that the same is a colourable imitation of the FEVIKWIK products of the plaintiff.


The products of the defendant are packaged in packaging which copies the FEVIKWIK Distinctive Packaging in an identical manner and comprised of unique and distinctive colour combination of yellow and shades of blue of the plaintiff's trademark.

He submits that the defendant has thus infringed the registered pidilite products of the plaintiff bearing No. It is submitted that the defendant has been misrepresenting their goods as It is submitted by the learned counsel that by virtue of such misrepresentation, the defendant is passing off or attempting to pass off their goods as those of the plaintiff.