Martin Caidin (September 14, –March 24, ) was an American author and an authority on aeronautics and aviation. Caidin wrote more than 50 books. $ Add to Cart. A Journey through Time: Exploring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope (Penguin Studio Books). Martin Caidin. from: $ Author: Martin Caidin Author Record # ; Legal Name: Caidin, Martin; Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA; Birthdate: 14 September ; Deathdate.


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Martin Caidin: , and a List of Books by Author Martin Caidin

Caidin's style of fiction focused on acceptable martin caidin of technical innovations with political and social repercussions.

In this respect, his work has some echo in the writing of Michael Crichton. Caidin references bionics in his novel The God Machine, but most famously based his novel Martin caidin on the concept.

Cyborg became Caidin's most famous work when it was adapted for a top-rated television film in and formed the basis of the martin caidin series The Six Million Dollar Man and its spin-off, The Bionic Woman.

Years later, Caidin would revisit bionics in a tongue-in-cheek manner for his novel A Life in the Future a reinvention of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century in which the title character is given bionic parts after being revived from a centuries-long coma. A remake of The Bionic Woman, titled Bionic Woman debuted on NBC in ; unlike the original series, on which Caidin was given screen credit for the series being "based on" Cyborg, no such credit was included in the series.

Martin Caidin is also known for having restored the oldest surviving Junkers Ju 52 aircraft, which he named Martin caidin Annie, to full airworthiness. Following his death, Iron Annie was sold to Lufthansa, which renamed her the Tempelhof. Lufthansa flies her today as a VIP ship and for special charters.

An account of Caidin's adventures with 'the corrugated cloud' can be found in his book about martin caidin warbird restoration movement, Ragwings and Heavy Iron.

A much more in-depth account of the acquisition, restoration, and adventures with "Iron Annie" is in Caidin's book The Saga of Iron Annie.

Martin Caidin - IMDb

His experiences with Iron Annie's resurrection were also drawn heavily upon for his book Jericho In the mids, Caidin hosted a series of one-hour confrontational talk shows titled Face to Face. The raw subject matter challenged many of the extreme right wing and hate groups that were being operated covertly in the United States.

On martin caidin air Caidin challenged Matthew F. One recurring theme is that of cyborgsmeldings of man and machine, using replacement body parts known as bionics. Caidin references bionics in his novel The God Machine and in his most famous novel, Cyborg Cyborg was adapted somewhat vaguely as the television movie The Six Million Dollar Man, the precursor of a television series of the same name.

Novelizations of several of the television episodes were written by other authors; these tend to imitate more closely Caidin's original version of the Steve Austin character than the less violent television series does. Years later, Caidin would reference bionics, in a satirical manner, for his novel Buck Rogers: A Life in the Futurean adaptation of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century in which Rogers is given bionic parts after being revived from his centuries-long coma.

Caidin's novel, Maroonedabout an American astronaut who becomes stranded in space and NASA's subsequent attempt to rescue him, is based on Project Mercury. The book, adapted into a movie of the same namestars Gregory PeckRichard CrennaDavid JanssenJames FranciscusGene Hackmanwith Caidin making a brief appearance as a reporter describing the arrival of the rescue vehicle at Cape Canaveral.

The movie was based on Project Apollo and Caidin revised his novel inas a movie novelization, to reflect the change.


World War Two books written by Caidin include Samurai! The P; Flying Forts; Zero! Caidin's books about martin caidin travel include No Man's World, in which the Soviets beat the Americans to the moon, and Four Came Back, about an ill-fated space station for eight crew members.

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Caidin's other books martin caidin movie tie-ins include The Final Countdown and novels featuring adventure-archaeologist Indiana Jones.

Caidin was pilot-in-command of Iron Annie on November 14,when 19 people walked on one of its wingsmartin caidin world record.


After touring extensively among shows of vintage military aircraft, or warbirdsIron Annie was sold to Lufthansa during The airline renamed it Tempelhof, and continues to use it today, for charter and VIP flights.

Caidin chronicled the martin caidin restoration movement generally in Ragwings and Heavy Iron, and the restoration and further adventures of Iron Annie specifically in The Saga of Iron Annie. DuringCaidin was one of the pilots of a formation flight of Bs across the Atlantic Ocean, likely the last such flight, from the United States to England via Canada, the Azores, and Portugal.

During the voyage, the pilots had a near-miss with a submarine.