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We also record that since the oottupura is put to such user on a daily basis for the purpose of prathal prasadam distribution, which is a daily event, such movables which would be provided by the said Sri. Unnikrishnanan or other devotees, will kshetra chaithanya rahasyam reckoned as part of the assets kshetra chaithanya rahasyam the temples.

It is reported by the Devaswom that, on passing the order as above, the Devaswom has issued consequential proceedings as borne by Annexure R1-A [produced along with statement dated As per the said statement, the Devaswom Board has virtually supported the cause projected by the complainants, also pointing out that the 'Oottupura' is situated 20mts.

Chairs will in no way violate the rituals and that it will be more convenient to all devotees and will also help to maintain hygiene.

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Illustration is given with reference to the course pursued for 'Vallasadya' at Aranmula temple, 'Prasadamoottu' at the first floor kshetra chaithanya rahasyam the Chuttamblam of Guruvayoor temple which is situated on a higher pedestal than the sanctum sanctorum etc.

It is added that Vaikkathappan is generally known as 'Annadana Prabhu' and causing more and more inconvenience kshetra chaithanya rahasyam the devotees will be against the 'Will' of Vaikathappan.

The said statement virtually negates the contentions raised by the petitioners including the two Thanthries and the two devotees who sought to implead themselves as the additional respondents 8 to 11 by filing I.

The petitioners in the I.


According to them, Ext. R8 a 'Ashtamangala Prasna Charthu' does not enable any such use of Tables or Chairs, but permits only the use of 'peedom' like structures for kshetra chaithanya rahasyam food, as revealed from Clause 28 therein.

It is stated that the objection is based on the belief that the Deity is also taking food along with the D. It is pointed out that 'Oottupura' is part of the Temple and the contentions of kshetra chaithanya rahasyam complainants to the contrary is not correct.

Bewarse Talk: Archive through July 30,

It is however conceded in paragraph 6 [wrongly shown as paragraph 5] of kshetra chaithanya rahasyam affidavit in support of the I. Since the belief is that the 'Deity' is taking food along with the devotees by sitting on the floor, the practice cannot be altered by putting Chairs as opined by the Thanthri in Ext.

The affidavit further states that the observations that the Thanthris had never objected is not correct and that when query was put to the Thanthri only on It is also stated that no letter dated It is stated that the change proposed will hurt the religious D.

Some additional documents have been sought to be put on record by the petitioners in I. R8 a kshetra chaithanya rahasyam be equated to a Chair or Bench and that the 'ahitham' on putting chairs in Oottupura has already been expressed in the 'Deva Prasana Charthu'.

R8 e in support of the contention that the Deity is believed to be taking food by sitting along kshetra chaithanya rahasyam the devotees on the floor.

The prayer in I. It has been asserted in the said affidavit that the Thanthries have no role in this regard and that the 'Oottupura' is never part of the Temple.

There is no custom of even lighting a lamp in the 'Oottupura' before serving the kshetra chaithanya rahasyam prasadam' and that all religious rituals with regard to the 'Prathal' will be concluded at 'Manyasthanam' - within the 'Naalambalam'.

M. I. Shanavas

After taking food at the 'Manyasthanam' [along with the Deity] by sitting on the floor, the Thantries will accept 'dakshina' from the devotee who is D. It is asserted that no religious ceremony is performed in 'Oottupura' and that the complainants also never want to make any alternation or even a slight change in the rituals performed in the Temple.

It is pointed out that inthe 'Oottupura' of the Temple was leased out to the Central Warehousing Corporation as a godown for storing food materials kshetra chaithanya rahasyam for public distribution till The 'Prathal prasadam' distribution to the devotees was started again only in the year by Annadhana Trust in the Oottupura; whereas the Devaswom started 'prathal prasada' distribution only in the year Reference is made to various other Temples in Kerala, where 'prasada oottu' is being performed in 'Oottupura' using Tables and Chairs.