: 2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club) : James Patterson: Books. The Women's Murder Club is back! A brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd of children leaving a San Francisco church. Miraculously-or was it. Summary and reviews of 2nd Chance by James Patterson, plus links to a book excerpt from 2nd Chance and author biography of Andrew Gross, James Patterson.


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Plus my favorite four women characters that make up this the Women's Murder Club series.

2nd Chance (Patterson novel) - Wikipedia

There were a couple of things regarding prison procedure, evidence and a forensic improbability that caught my attention, but they are few and far between and they are pretty insignificant. It didn't make the book any less enjoyable. Just thought I'd mention it for those of us who eat, sleep, and read this genre and are james patterson 2nd chance sensitive to things like that.

As Lindsay struggles over the relationship with a father who has re-entered her life after twenty years, as Jill Bernhardt struggles with the conflict between a career and a desire for children, and as Cindy begins a new relationship with a black church pastor, realistic and natural issues of personal lives, though james patterson 2nd chance events, serve to lend credibility to the characters being portrayed.

This section contains words approx. Subplots to the murder mystery revolve around Lindsay's long-lost father, Martin Boxer, returning and currying her favor and forgiveness; Cindy's newly budding romance with the La Salle Heights Church pastor, Aaron Winslow; Claire's brush with being the morgue's next murder victim; and Jill's doubt-raising pregnancy.

2nd Chance Summary & Study Guide

The point of view changes with chapters as Lindsay, Jill, Claire, Cindy james patterson 2nd chance the murderer take turns projecting their personas as the plot and subplots develop. It is peculiar for two reasons. The victims of the attack were a group of young people exiting church with their pastor, Aaron Winslow, after choir practice.

One girl alone in the attack--out of all the hailstorm of bullets--was hit and killed. Her name was Tasha Catchings. Forensic evidence showed that the shooting was not random, that the shooter was james patterson 2nd chance wildly letting dozens of bullets fly in a random pattern.

2nd Chance

The shooter was a trained sharp-shooter. He unleashed a carefully controlled pattern of bullets, james patterson 2nd chance he hit his one, singled out, intentional victim, the eleven-year-old girl, Tasha Catchings.

Tasha's uncle was a black cop, now dead, too.

A witness, a small boy, identified the get-away vehicle as having a strange decal that reminded him of Mufasa, a lion, from The Lion King. At the next james patterson 2nd chance Lindsay investigates, that of a black woman who is the wife widow of deceased policeman Officer Chipman, she finds at the crime scene a drawing left way down on the wall of a lion with a goat's body and a serpent-like tail.

Each of the murders, Tasha and her uncle; police sergeant Art Davidson, who was called to a domestic disturbance; and the chief of police, who was on a walk homeward, has some connection to this symbol.

Lindsay gathers the girls together to say she needs their help to solve the crimes [this touch is superfluous to the plot because solving the murders is the job of the medical examiner and the assistant district attorney, while closely following and reporting the story is the job james patterson 2nd chance the third, and getting an exclusive on the murder story is a job boon].

Two new clues emerges from the call that led Sergeant Davidson to his death by a single shot from a sniper's rifle at the alleged domestic disturbance scene.

2nd Chance Summary & Study Guide

The voice in the recording identified himself james patterson 2nd chance "Billy Reffon. In a meeting with the Mayor, Lindsay reveals that the first theory, that the homicides are the work of a group committing racial hate crimes, has been replaced by the theory that the murders are all the work of one person and that the theorized motive is personal vendetta.


In one of the chapters revealing subplots for Cindy and Jill, we learn that, while Cindy is interested in doing a feature story on Reverend Aaron Winslow's james patterson 2nd chance, she also is interested in finding out more about the man. Happily, such personal interest is reciprocated as well as welcome, and Cindy and Aaron make a date to go to a live jazz club.