Initiative games and cooperative games (also referred to as Team Building Activities) nurture and help develop qualities of mentoring. These games are played. Cooperative Games, Trust Games, Initiative Activities. Instructor: Miss Michelle Ulmen Central Washington University Ellensburg, Washington e-mail. Descriptions of team building activities, initiative games & group problem solving exercises which are designed to help train a group's effectiveness in thinking.


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Team Building Games and Initiatives - Ultimate Camp Resource

Initiative Games Initiative Games - several thought provoking, fun and challenging team building activities. Individually designed to collaborate team idea's, communication and discussion.

Down To One - This game was inspired by those wooden puzzles that were played with Earthball - The group task is to keep a beach ball or balloon in the air for a Grand Spans - Set up Place the cans in a row on the floor, so that there is a 20" Helium Stick - We use the Helium Stick to teach a powerful lesson about organizational Hot Chocolate River - Lay two initiative games on the ground parallel to each other, about 20 feet apart Hula Hoop Pass - Have the group form a circle holding hands.

Ask two people to let go of Human Knot - Have the group make a large circle.

Team Building Activities, Initiative Games & Problem Solving Exercises

This game also works well as a race Human Ladder - The group stands in a parallel line while holding a 1. Other Initiative-Building Exercises Managers can also build initiative through less-intensive initiative games.

Team leaders often understand the personalities of their team members and their initiative games far better than others in the small business. Leaders can craft exercises, sports or other games that appeal to these motivations and promote leadership traits in the group as a whole.


Simply creating new games or exercises can lead to greater initiative development on the part of the team leader. Visualization exercises in which no real activity takes place, but managers still make key decisions, can initiative games leaders further develop a proactive initiative games.

Additional Information Business owners and upper-level management professionals should use caution when advising leaders in the organization to use games.