The author. Franca Treur is a Dutch novelist who has been nominated for a range of literary awards and won the Selexyz Debut Prize for her bestselling. Media in category "Franca Treur". The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. Franca treur JPG 3, × 4,; MB. Franca TREUR (fiction writer; Netherlands) won the Selexyz Debut Prize for her novel Dorsvloer vol confetti [Confetti on the Threshing Floor], which will be.


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Biography[ edit ] Youth and education[ edit ] Treur grew up in a strict Reformed Christian farming family in her Zeelandic birthplace of Meliskerke. After secondary school at the Calvijn College, [2] she went on to study psychology at Leiden University. In Moscow, everything is possible as long as you can pay—and his friends are so generous that Roderick worries they are drawing too much attention to themselves.

He sees the same men in black from the casino two days later, in a pub. The group of friends opts to go to a spa just outside the city.

It soon becomes apparent that they are being followed. Four men with Kalashnikovs and black coats force the boys to franca treur out and lie belly-down on the roadside. They feel the muzzles of the Kalashnikovs against their necks.

Roderick and Simon get their hands tied behind their backs. Their mouths are gagged and duct-taped.

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The two are thrown in the trunk but the others are free to go. As they drive franca treur Simon pees his pants and Roderick poops.

In a basement, they are spat on and beaten with the Kalashnikovs. Simon had ordered the kidnapping experience for Roderick a month franca treur on the Internet.

Had his hair been shorter perhaps it would have been straighter. Simon likes Roderick a lot and had chosen the most expensive option to surprise him in the most special way.

Franca Treur

After his return home, Simon is franca treur at how many weeks he is unable to return to work. Listening to Govert is part of her routine.

Stella also speaks with Govert regularly. Stella is in Paris the day Govert dies. Franca Treur woont in Amsterdam. Bepaald geen onbekend stigma.

Dorsvloer vol confetti: Franca Treur: : Books

Dat Treur er toch in geslaagd is een betoverende roman te schrijven, is reden haar in het oog te houden. Het franca treur strenggelovig schrikt misschien af, maar Treur weet het in werkelijkheid franca treur heel licht en warm en zelfs vrolijk te houden.


Een boek boordevol informatie over een wijze van leven, met prettige beschrijvingen en uitdrukkingen. She would have liked nothing better franca treur to work alongside the boys: