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Daftar penerima Nobel

But when the brain has disorder, an epileptic spike will arise with specific pattern is specific. Part of the brain patients with epilepsy is fisika kedokteran jf gabriel by excessive activities that are not controlled from highly unfavorable or the whole central nervous system. In the record of EEG, epilepsy is marked with the spike, or often called with epileptic spike is entering transient voltage to signal a sharp and isolated from EEG.

Electric charge Spike in appearance as excess of neurons in areas of the brain some or all. At the time to read and detect epileptic spike in the record EEG, the electroencephalographer EEG still rely on direct observation in the record EEG that at least have 8 channel measurements.

Sure, it needs more energy and thought of readers because much of data and there are many similarities Journal Homepage: There are many researches to detect patterns of epileptic spike has been done.

Jurnal Sains

The manual wheelchair moved from using the pushing power by hands designed with a very light, small and foldable shape to the one that could be moved with joystick or buttons has been improved to ease and give comfort in mobility for the paralytics.

However, for those suffering the paralysis in most of parts of their body particularly hands and feet and unable to move the wheelchair using the joysticks or button, a technology innovation is required move the electric wheelchair with an alternative controller.

The research using the alternative controller of the electric wheelchair fisika kedokteran jf gabriel been widely developed. Some of the alternative controllers for the electric wheelchair have been more studied such as the controller with the sound command Pires, et al.

Detection of Epileptic Spike Patterns on EEG Signal of Epilepsy

The EMG signal was used for the command to move forward and back and to turn right and left. Meanwhile, the EOG signal was used to manage the motor speed.

This research conducted a design of the electric wheelchair with the control of EMG signal from the result of the contraction muscles that still functioned in 4 different tap points for the forward and backward movements and the movement to turn right and fisika kedokteran jf gabriel.

To make this electric wheelchair can be right used though there has been a change of amplitude value of the EMG signal of the users for the muscle fatigue or the wheelchair being used by other users that have a different power of muscle contraction from the previous user, there is a need to be supported with a system that can cope with this problem.

This system is fisika kedokteran jf gabriel to store the power of the muscle contraction from the user in the beginning of the use to be later used as the reference amplitude. This phenomenon is called the electrical activity of cells that can occur as a result of stimulation from outside the cell in the form of electrical, mechanical and chemical stimuli.

EMG signal refers to bioelectric signal generated by nerve cells when the muscles are in contraction and relaxation. When the muscles do the contractions there will be an increase in the amplitude value of EMG signal and will return to the initial fisika kedokteran jf gabriel when the muscles do relaxation.


The amplitude values of EMG signal vary greatly based upon the condition and strength of muscles of an individual when doing measurement. Empat penerima Nobel tidak diizinkan oleh pemerintah mereka untuk mendapatkan Penghargaan Nobel.

IJAERS: Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument Based on Arduino Board with Data Logger System

Then the sample is examined with a pH acidity levels appropriate indicators of measurement of time has been determined. This was an observational study with cross-sectional approach. Samples were of 30 people that divided into two groups.

Fisika kedokteran jf gabriel results of independent t test p values are significant only on day 1 of 0. Infrared therapy is more effective in perineum wound healing during postpartum.