14 quotes from Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos: ' Nature almost surely operates by combining chance with necessity, randomness with determ. In social, cultural and religious studies, the "epic of evolution" is a narrative that blends religious and scientific views of cosmic, biological and sociocultural  ‎The epic as myth · ‎Interpretations of the epic · ‎Creation-evolution · ‎Outreach efforts. Eric Chaisson. Illustrated by Lola Judith Chaisson. How did everything around us-the air, the land, the sea, and the stars-originate? What is the source of order.


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In this way, might a third universal pattern be this movement toward equilibrium among mass and matter as well as energy. Chaisson also discusses the role epic of evolution chance and necessity, randomness and determinism, in all of this.


He refers to density fluctuations where the random movement of atoms in an expanding energy wave creates density points where gravity, over time, pulls matter into collections epic of evolution galaxies, stars and planets, all separated from each other in a dynamic balance of mass epic of evolution energy.

That intermediate point between gravitational pull of matter and expressions of energy also characterizes our star, the sun.


In the second part of the book, Chaisson's presentation gets weaker in two respects. First, he argues at some length about the problems involved in defining life and concludes that inorganic matter and organic life do not epic of evolution in kind but only by degree.

Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos

Life, he says, is a more complex form of matter. For even hard core materialists, that characterization seems to be missing something fundamental.


Life begins by randomness, molecules that self replicate. But after that, in defiance of entropy, life sustains itself by taking energy into itself and life's epic of evolution then focuses on how to do that.

Does inorganic matter transform itself based on information received from the environment so that it can promote its survival and replication needs not only by reacting properly, but by active and appropriate seeking?

What is it about life that epic of evolution and governs?

EpicOfEvolution | Explore the past, celebrate the present, thrive in the future

A Theology of Evolution, Westview Press,page 2, ISBN One can only speak of creation as a process because epic of evolution the evidence of what often is called the 'epic of evolution': Creation as KenosisWm.

Eerdmans Publishing,page 21, ISBN The Epic of Evolution is our warp, destined to endure, commanding our universal gratitude and reverence and commitment The Epic of Evolution is such a story, beautifully suited to anchor our search for planetary consensus, telling us of our nature, our place, our context.

Moreover, responses to this story—what we are calling religious naturalism —can yield deep and abiding spiritual experiences.

And then, after that, we need other stories as well, human-centered stories, a mythos that embodies our ideals and our passions. Not only does it bridge mainstream science and a diversity of religious traditions; if skillfully told, it makes the science story memorable and deeply meaningful, while enriching one's religious faith or secular outlook.

Wilson [4] The theologian could rewrite the Epic of Evolution by expanding on the story told by the scientist. It requires a consilience of modern disciplines and epic of evolution of social diversity.

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The ancient wisdoms of the world's spiritual traditions must be adapted to make the framework to weave the Epic. Wilson explained that humans had a need for the epic of evolution because they must have a mythical story or a sublime account of how the world was created and how humanity became part of it.

Religious epics fulfill a primal need in this respect as they verify that humans are part of something epic of evolution than themselves. The best empirical knowledge that science and history can provide is necessary in order to provide a comparable epic tale that will reliably unite a separated human spirituality.

It is a story that people can work with in a religious way if they elect to do so. The epic of evolution anchors the story and the weft creates the pattern and the tapestry.

The Epic, as scientists see it, is the warp and the weft forms the pattern as each of us views it we epic of evolution all weavers but the patterns all have the warp in common. It is a mythical tale of irony and hope that fills a large space in the domain of religion-and-science.

His position is that science and religious faith are not mutually exclusive.