DEGRADASI EKOLOGI SUMBERDAYA HUTAN DAN LAHAN (Studi Kasus Hutan Rawa Gambut Semenanjung Kampar Propinsi Riau). Ekosistem air tawar digolongkan menjadi air tenang dan air mengalir. Termasuk ekosistem air tenang adalah danau dan rawa, termasuk. Bahan organik rawa sangat beragam kualitasnya dan berpotensi dijadikan Lahan rawa secara ekologi merupakan habitat tempat berbagai makluk hidup.


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COD merupakan jumlah total O 2 yang diperlukan untuk mengoksidasi semua bahan organic secara kimiawi, baik yang bersifat Biodegradable maupun yang Non Biodegradable. DHL daya hantar listrik merupakan banyaknya garam-garam yang ekologi rawa atau terionisasi.

Hidroekosfir cover the Freshwater inland water and Marine Water oceanologi. In growth hereinafter emerge the term of Brackish water.

Inland Water cover the wetland wet farm on the surface of earth covering Intermediate of terrestrial and open water " Wetland Is an of area of covered with water and supporting aquatic plants and be located between open water and upland.

Existence of attendance irrigate ekologi rawa subterranean water tablenya 2. Having different unique land;ground with the land;ground of[is near by nya 3.

Supporting vegetasi which can adapt to wet condition hidrophyt 4. Reside in the edge of area [of] territorial water which is in and area Upland plateau [is] so that influenced by two type so that there are characteristic of aquatik ekologi rawa cirri terrestrial 5.

Its location vary from inland darat until coastal and also its condition from region to region. Follow the example of the reklamasi wetland [is] draining process for the airfield of, agriculture and urban. Pursuant to regionnya hence wetland divided: Cirikhas of Area of tropik of transportation of silt river pasir happened [by] the process flokulasi which distribution, while area temperate California hence flokulasinya will be precipitated so that will be happened [by] the hoard silt to become the island in the middle of estuarin.

Ecology represent the science learning interaction determining distribution and abundance mortal. Ecology unfold the farm represent the study learning interaction 13 usher the ekosistem start from ocean until mountain area [of] pursuant to structure and function.

Presipitasi existence of rainfall and snow b. Ground Water underground current d. Tides existence of ebb [The] mentioned will bring the consequence of[is existence of energi hara brought from and to Wetland.

Existence of hidrologi input especial source [of] hara to Wetland and out putnya can remove the items of biotik and also abiotik to other;dissimilar place the wetland will influence [at] biochemical composition [of] land;ground for example in the form of sediment Mud Lumpur and also Peat gambut so that will select the biota wetland.


Indicator Species [in] Wetland will have the nature of: Wetland very sensitive to normal pattern change [of] Water Storagenya and Movementnya [is] so that conceived of [by] Fragile Ecosystem brittle ekologi rawa. Peat Building maker of sediment peat b.

Rawa lebak : ekologi, pemanfaatan, dan pengembangannya / Muhammad Noor. - Version details - Trove

Snare the sediment sediment trapping c. Current water shading d. Vegetasi Mangrove act as the sediment Trapping [of] because the sediment there [is] beforehand. Form the FEN represent the tipologi wetland ekologi rawa because depended [by] hidrologi from rainwater and also accumulate the substance organic and predominated [by] the Seddling- Sedling.

SWAMP can be in the form of the shrub semak and wooded berkayu so that there are [in] forest. Hydroperiod represent the seasonal pattern [of] level irrigate the water level [is] high [of] water face which must be taken care ekologi rawa [by] its stability.

Bangkong rawa

Flood Duration represent the duration of floods time or sum up the duration of time wetland in a state of suffused [by] the water. Standing Water represent the pond irrigate the. Flood Frequency perioda pond representing mean of time wetland suffused ekologi rawa the water so that [at] wetland emerge the term of Riparian wetland and coastal salt wetland.

Pursuant to Hidroperiode wetland influenced by tidal ebb 1.