Translation for 'destrucción del hábitat' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Destrucción y degradación de habitats. Destruccion Proceso por el cual un. Destrucción del Hábitat cortando árboles hemos matado animales. El Problema mejor amenasa para especie se quedaron aves sin casas.


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Therefore, according to this study, forest conversion to agriculture is the main land use change destruccion del habitat for tropical deforestation. The specific categories reveal further insight into the specific causes of tropical deforestation: One result is that shifting cultivation is not the primary cause of deforestation in all world regions, while transport extension including the construction of new roads is the largest single proximate factor responsible for deforestation.

The forces that cause humans to destroy habitat are destruccion del habitat as drivers of habitat destruction.

Destrucción del hábitat - English translation - Spanish-English dictionary

Demographiceconomic, sociopolitical, scientific and technological, and cultural drivers all contribute destruccion del habitat habitat destruction. There are also feedbacks and interactions destruccion del habitat the proximate and underlying causes of deforestation that can amplify the process.

Road construction has the largest feedback effect, because it interacts with—and leads to—the establishment of new settlements and more people, which causes a growth in wood logging and food markets. When these industries become commercialized, they must become more efficient by utilizing larger or more modern machinery that often has a worse effect on the habitat than traditional farming and logging methods.

Destruccion del habitat way, more land is cleared more rapidly for commercial markets. This common feedback example manifests just how closely related the proximate and underlying causes are to each other.

Destrucción del Hábitat by Taylor Kass on Prezi

Impact on human population[ edit ] The draining and destruccion del habitat of coastal wetlands that previously protected the Gulf Coast contributed to severe flooding in New Orleans, Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Agricultural land can actually suffer from the destruction of the surrounding landscape. Aesthetic uses such as destruccion del habitatrecreational uses like hunting and fishingand ecotourism usually rely upon virtually undisturbed habitat. Many people value the complexity of the natural world and are disturbed by the loss of natural habitats and animal or plant species worldwide.

"destrucción del hábitat" in English

destruccion del habitat Probably the most profound impact that habitat destruction has on people is the loss of many valuable ecosystem services. Habitat destruction has altered nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and carbon cycleswhich has increased the frequency and severity of acid rainalgal bloomsand fish kills in rivers and oceans and contributed tremendously to global climate change.

On a local destruccion del habitat, trees provide windbreaks and shade; on a regional scale, plant transpiration recycles rainwater and maintains constant annual rainfall; on a global scale, plants especially trees from tropical rainforests from around the world counter the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by sequestering carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

These services are becoming even more important as increasing carbon dioxide levels is one of the main contributors to global climate change.

The loss of biodiversity may not directly affect humans, but the indirect effects of losing many species as well as the diversity of ecosystems in general are enormous.

When biodiversity is lost, the environment loses many species that perform valuable and unique roles in the ecosystem.

Endangered Animals of the World

The environment and all its inhabitants rely on biodiversity to recover from extreme environmental conditions. When too much biodiversity is lost, a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, flood, or volcanic eruption could cause an ecosystem to crash, and humans destruccion del habitat obviously suffer from that.

Loss of biodiversity also means that humans are losing animals that could have served as biological control agents and plants that could potentially provide higher-yielding crop varieties, pharmaceutical drugs to cure existing or future diseases or cancer, and new resistant crop varieties for agricultural species susceptible to pesticide-resistant insects or virulent strains of fungivirusesand bacteria.


Another way to view the destruccion del habitat effects of habitat destruction is to look at the opportunity cost of destroying a given habitat. In other words, what are people losing out on by taking away a given habitat? A country may increase its food supply by converting forest land to row-crop agriculture, but the value of the same land may be much larger when it destruccion del habitat supply natural resources or services such as clean water, timber, ecotourism, or flood regulation and drought control.

Habitat destruction

destruccion del habitat Simple logic dictates that more people will require more food. Commercial farmers are going to become desperate to produce more food from the same amount of land, so they will use more fertilizers and show less concern for the environment to meet the market demand.


Others will seek out new land or will convert other land-uses to agriculture. Agricultural intensification will become widespread at the cost of the environment and its inhabitants.