View Test Prep - dbms 2marksDbms: 1. List the purpose of Database System (or) List the drawback of normal File Processing System. Problems with File. SUBJECT NAME: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. SEM: IV. UNIT I - FUNDAMENTALS. PART-A (2 MARKS). 1. What is DBMS? 2. Mention some. 2 marks for unit is Normalization? Ans: Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database. There are two goals of the.


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An entity type defines a collection of entities that have the same attributes.

The set of all entities of the same type is termed as an entity set. What is meant by the degree of relationship dbms 2 marks The degree of relationship type is the number of participating entity types.

Define the terms i Key attribute ii Value set Key attribute: An entity type usually has an attribute whose values are distinct from each individual entity in the collection.

Such an attribute is called a key attribute. Each simple attribute of dbms 2 marks entity type is associated with a value set that specifies the set of values that may be assigned to that attribute for each individual entity.

CS Database Management Systems Two Marks with Answers (All units).

Define weak and strong entity sets? Entity set that has a primary key is termed a strong entity set. What does the cardinality ratio specify? Mapping cardinalities or cardinality ratios express the number of entities to which another entity can be associated.

Mapping cardinalities must be one of the following: Explain the two types of participation constraint. The participation of an entity set E in a relationship set R is said to be total if every entity in E participates in at least one relationship in R.

What is meant by dbms 2 marks decomposition?


How can we decide whether decomposition is lossless? Let R be a relation schema. Let F be a set of functional dependencies on R.

2 marks for unit-4

Let R1and R2 form a decomposition of R. The decomposition is a lossless-join decomposition of R dbms 2 marks at least one of the following functional dependencies are in: List the disadvantages of relational database system Repetition of data Inability to represent certain information.

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What is first normal form? The domain of attribute must include only atomic simple, indivisible values. What is meant by functional dependencies?

What are the uses of functional dependencies? To test relations to see whether they are legal dbms 2 marks a given set of functional dependencie s.

To specify constraints on the set of legal relations.