Cycloalkanes are ring structures with the general formula: CnH(2n). Following are basic rules for naming cycloalkanes. 1. Parent Chain. Use the cycloalkane as. Organic chemistry Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups. Using IUPAC rules to name linear. Basic IUPAC Organic Nomenclature. Substituted Cycloalkanes in two ways, either as an alkyl substituted cycloalkane, or as a cycloalkyl substituted alkane.


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Normally, when carbon forms four single bonds, the bond angles are approximately Let's say we chose a different way to find our longest carbon chain. Let's say we started down here. So let's cycloalkane nomenclature we said, oh that looks like that might be the longest carbon chain to me at first glance.

So let's see what we have.

Naming Cycloalkanes

Let's see how many carbons we have if we said cycloalkane nomenclature is our longest carbon chain. So let's number them. Let's call this carbon one.


Let's call this carbon cycloalkane nomenclature, three, four, five, six, and seven. So once again this would be called heptane.

What sort of substituents do we have coming off this cycloalkane nomenclature We have a methyl group coming off of carbon two. We have an ethyl group coming off of carbon three. And we have another ethyl group coming off of carbon four. So that's the exact same situation we had for the first example here.

4.1: Naming Cycloalkanes

So these are the same thing. Cycloalkane nomenclature it doesn't really matter which one of those you chose, you'd be naming it the exact same name.

Let's compare those two to the molecule to the example down here. Again it's the same molecule, but let's say you chose a different path. Cycloalkane nomenclature say you chose down here.

So you said, oh, this looks like it's the longest carbon chain to me.

Naming a cycloalkane

Substituents on the same side of the ring are cis. Those on opposite sides are trans. cycloalkane nomenclature

Name the fragment as a cycloalkyl group when it is a substituent on a longer alkyl chain. Label polycyclic molecules with the prefixes: For bicyclic cycloalkane nomenclature, count the total number of carbons in the rings for the parent bicycloalkane.