Charles Henry Mackintosh, whose initials "C.H.M." are known world wide, was born in Glenmalure Barracks, County Wicklow, Ireland, in October Charles Henry Mackintosh, generally known as C. H. M., was one of the gifted writers of the Plymouth Brethren, so-called. Born in October , at Glenmalure. Charles Henry Mackintosh (October – 2 November ) was a nineteenth-century Christian preacher, dispensationalist, writer of Bible commentaries,  ‎Early life · ‎Author and evangelist · ‎Closing days · ‎Further information.


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Charles Henry Mackintosh Quotes

While working in architecture, Charles Rennie Mackintosh developed his own style: The project that helped make his international reputation was the Glasgow School of Art — This is considered to charles henry mackintosh one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh most mysterious projects.

It is the only church by the Glasgow born artist to be built and is now the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society headquarters.

Like his contemporary Frank Lloyd WrightMackintosh's architectural designs often included extensive specifications for the detailing, decoration, and furnishing of his buildings.

The majority if not all of this detailing and significant contributions to his architectural drawings were designed and detailed by his wife Margaret Macdonald [10] whom Charles had met when they both attended the Glasgow School of Art.

His work was shown at the Vienna Secession Exhibition in Mackintosh's architectural career was a relatively short one, but of significant quality and impact.

Numerous as are the books, the pamphlets, the tracts, and the periodicals in which the words of eternal truth shine, for the instruction and comfort of souls, yet are they outnumbered, to an appalling amount, by publications of an infidel, immoral, and irreligious tendency.

We believe that the art of printing was designed, by a gracious Providence, as a powerful engine for the diffusion of scriptural knowledge; but we cannot shut our eyes to the startling fact that the enemy is making diligent use of that very art, for the purpose of corrupting, in all directions, the springs charles henry mackintosh thought charles henry mackintosh feeling.

He is publishing, in the cheapest and most attractive form, gross evil, soul-destroying error, and perverted truth. And, we may safely say, if positive error has slain its thousands, perverted truth has slain its tens of thousands.

Charles Henry Mackintosh biography

Now, we are fully assured that, notwithstanding all the enemy's efforts, the Lord is gathering out His own—that He is accomplishing His purposes, and hastening His everlasting kingdom. But should this be a reason for slackness, charles henry mackintosh, and indifference, on the part of the charles henry mackintosh of Christ?

The very reverse; yea, the assurance thereof is the basis of "stedfast" and "unmovable" service. It is because we know, on divine authority, that "our labour shall not be in vain in the Lord," that therefore we work.

Charles Henry Mackintosh

This was during the Irish potato famine of —50, and Mackintosh went around County Mayo preaching the gospel to the poor during school holidays. The effort required to run a boarding school in such a poor and famine-hit district caused Mackintosh to abandon the enterprise in ; he told John Nelson Darby that nothing could induce him to go on with a boarding school.

He tried farming for a time, but he wrote to Darby on 31 August that the Lord had "called me into larger service than ever", and he soon concluded that he must give himself entirely to preaching, writing, and public speaking.

Author and evangelist[ edit ] Soon after this he established a periodical named Things New and Old, [3] which he continued to edit with evangelist Charles Stanley, — [4] from toand Good News for the Little Ones, later called Good News for Young and Old and some pages for the Little Ones from to These are still in print and have been translated into charles henry mackintosh dozen or more languages.


No critical scholar, Mackintosh nevertheless had a marked gift for simple Biblical exposition, and his works on the Pentateuch had an enormous vogue as simple aids to devotional interpretation for the first five books charles henry mackintosh the Bible. He was, however, charles henry mackintosh theologian, and certain isolated sentences in those books referred to 'the heavenly humanity' of Christ and thus verged on formal heresybrought him much hostile notice from prejudiced opponents of the Brethren who took his writings as being far more significant and representative than they deserved.

He later withdrew the expressions, on Darby's insistence.

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Of their founder himself, John Nelson Darbyover fifty substantial volumes were charles henry mackintosh. But of all this notable group of writers, the one whose works have been most frequently printed is C.


Mackintosh, generally known as C. Mackintosh was converted at the age of eighteen through the letters of a devout sister, and the prayerful reading of J.

Darby's Operations of the Spirit. When he was twenty-four years of age, he opened a private school at Westport, but it was not long before he concluded he must give himself entirely to the ministry of the Word of God, in writing and in public charles henry mackintosh.