Greg Bear; Pat Cadigan; William Gibson; Rudy Rucker; Lewis Shiner; Tom Maddox; Marc Laidlaw; Paul Di Filipo; Editor-Bruce Sterling. Published by Ace. Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling - book cover, description, publication history. Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology is a cyberpunk short story collection, edited by American writer Bruce Sterling.


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If I had the choice, Cadigan's stylistic appealed a bit more; Rucker just didn't capture the setting of the anthology all that well to me in retrospect. I kind of pictured the Boys being like the Boomers from the Bubblegum Crisis series, which I was surprisingly bruce sterling mirrorshades in throughout the tale and it's among the best that the collection offered in retrospect.

I just didn't think it was very cyberpunkish.


Gothic type story where it deals with stone statues and flesh children, including a Stone Christ statue in the mix. It was okay, but somehow an bruce sterling mirrorshades for the collection.

Preface to Mirrorshades

S with a rock music structuring. I definitely liked the imagery and mood of it. The first dealt with bruce sterling mirrorshades man who had his eyes stolen by organ theves and struggling within the urban jungle he lived in until a chance opportunity gets him back on his feet.

From Mozart to Thomas Jefferson among others, it was an interesting characterization. I don't know if I'd call it cyberpunk, but it did make an interesting piece for speculative fiction and social commentary.

His stories were an essential part of the cyberpunk bruce sterling mirrorshades of the s. The Difference Engine, co-written with William Gibson, was a bestseller.

Inhe won the Hugo Award in the short-story category.

The Cyberpunk Anthology the bruce sterling mirrorshades, it is both broad in scope yet delimits the idea of what cyberpunk, or at least can be. The following is a brief introduction to each.

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It is also perhaps his most overtly ideological work, the result an iconoclast opening salvo. Sterling targeting the story's register and pace rather than tropes and mood, the story will not fit everyone's idea of what cyberpunk is. Inner city gangs battle metal giants as the city crumbles around them.

More an art piece envisioning a blackened, war torn city of the future, filling this story in original fashion bruce sterling mirrorshades a potpourri of weapon details, fashion statements, and techy neologisms.

Preface to Mirrorshades

The counterculture of the s was rural, romanticized, anti-science, anti-tech. But there was always a lurking contradiction at its heart, symbolized by the electric guitar.

Rock technology was the thin edge of the wedge. As the years have passed, rock tech has grown ever more accomplished, expanding into high-tech recording, satellite video, and computer graphics. Slowly it is bruce sterling mirrorshades rebel pop culture inside out, until the artists at pop's cutting edge are now, quite often, cutting-edge technicians in the bargain.

They are special effects wizards, mixmasters, tape-effects techs, graphics hackers, emerging through new media to dazzle society with head-trip extravaganzas like FX cinema and the global Live Aid benefit. The contradiction has become an integration. And now that technology has reached a fever pitch, its influence has slipped control and reached street level.