$59 for a One-Year Subscription to Skills-Assessment-Test Database from Brainbench with Certifications ($ Value). The Fine Print. Expires 90 days after. What is Brainbench? Quora User, Answering what am "I"? Answered Oct 16, One of the oldest certification sites I have known from the 90's era. At one. The best thing you can do is open google in a couple of windows and paste the questions for which you dont know the answers,to answer each question you get.


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As you test, you can provide comments on each question. We encourage you to do so, since we often make changes based upon your feedback. Please be aware that these tests are still under construction, brainbench answers you will NOT receive a certificate for them.

Brainbench is an independent certification authority, assessing a variety of skills including IT, Finance, Health Care and Office Skills, to name a few. Independence brainbench answers other professional organizations permits us to objectively assess skills in a variety of content areas.


Brainbench has delivered over 7 million tests to over 6 million of our registered users. Using our rigorous test development process, Brainbench has developed one of the largest online test libraries in the world, totaling over brainbench answers.

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How do Brainbench Certifications compare to other certification programs? The primary advantages of Brainbench Certifications are high quality, low cost, and convenience. Unlike other agencies that require an individual to take a certification at a specially designated testing center or at a specific workstation, Brainbench tests may be taken at any time, anywhere.

Removing these constraints brainbench answers only makes Brainbench testing more convenient to individuals and employers, it also reduces the cost of delivering a test.

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As a result, Brainbench can provide high-quality certifications brainbench answers a rate lower than most other entities. How long are your certifications valid? Your certification is valid for 3 years. Upon expiration, your certification will be removed from your transcript.

You may retake the test to regain certification.

Why do certifications expire? We brainbench answers constantly striving to keep up with the ever-changing and growing markets; therefore, our tests are constantly updated to include the most current information and topics.


brainbench answers As a result, the certifications are only valid for 3 years, after which you must retake the online test. Brainbench now provides a valuable job role certification program, covering today's in-demand job functions.

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Department of Labor and Brainbench subject matter experts. While a skill certification can prove that you are knowledgeable about a specific skill, a job role certifications proves that you have a core set of brainbench answers required to perform a specific job.

How do I get my Job Role certificate? All subscription holders prior to January 1, will receive a paper Job Role certificate automatically upon the successful completion of the job role if the account brainbench answers a valid mailing address associated with it.

Does anybody know the answers to these Brainbench tests?

Electronic Job Role Certificates can be downloaded for free from the Order Certificates option on the left navigation menu. What is the difference between assigned job roles and planned job roles? Assigned job roles are created by brainbench answers organization and assigned to you by an administrator or manager.

Planned job roles are created by Brainbench, and you can proactively add these to your plan. If not, ask your account administrator. I can't find a job role that matches my skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do? Brainbench brainbench answers to add several new job roles throughout the year. If you don't see a job role that matches your skills, feel free to contact Customer Support and request that your job role be added to the available list.

I've completed all required tests to earn a Job Role Certification, but do not see the certification in my transcript.