Articles with unique experiences where we show you the most typical products from Almeria Alpujarra made by local craftsmen. Alpujarra Almeriense is a Spanish comarca in the Province of Almería, Andalusia. Along with Alpujarra Granadina, is part of the Andalusian region of the. The landscape of the Alpujarra in Almería is a mixture of whitewashed houses, crops grown on terraces, stunning scenery and traditional Moo.


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The villages are perched on the slopes of the southern side of the mountains, as if they guessed the presence of the Mediterranean in the horizon. The crops also seem to climb the mountains and grow on terraces. The acequias or irrigation channels, alpujarra almeriense legacy from the Moorish times of Al-Andalus, still bring water from the frozen summits of the Sierra Nevada to irrigate the crops.

The apartment is very cozy and the terrace has wonderful view.

Totally recommend for relax and disconnect. The host was very nice and helped with everything we asked.


Julia April Nice view the terrace! Recommandable place, but rather cold we traveled in april. Restaurant alpujarra almeriense public swimmingpool were closed, in the surrounding a lot of apartments remained empty at that time.

Alpujarra Almeriense Tourism: Best of Alpujarra Almeriense

Mona March The house is beautiful and cozy with a really nice terrace for having breakfast in the sun; It's great for hiking, there are a lot of beautiful trails starting just behind the house! Sweet and savory food, ceramics, wines, rugs and many homemade items and products typical of the Almerian Alpujarra fill the shelves in La Alacena de Laujar, run by Mariaa whirlwind of kindness, whose shop is in the heart of alpujarra almeriense Almerian Alpujarra and who greats us next to the most typical products of the area in this charming video.

There are the little puffs, alpujarra almeriense sweets from the area made from lemon and sugar and one of the oldest desserts in the area, as well as many familiar products made in the same way as they always have been, like the village bread, the organic farm eggs, the walnuts and the cheeses.

The jarapa rugs, hand woven as they were originally and which have been and always will be used to combat the cold in the Alpujarra mountains. And endless products obtained from the know-how of small companies that care for the alpujarra almeriense as if they were their own children.

Products that are increasingly more difficult to find in large cities and which are difficult not to find in places like this.

Precioso apartamento en la Alpujarra almeriense - Condominiums for Rent in Ohanes, Almería, Spain

Many people may find alpujarra almeriense surprising to come across a bodega like this one at more than metres above sea-level, but the truth is that this wine has no additives and a long list of awards that are a real treat for wine lovers.

Visits to this bodega are a great experience, not just because you can learn in situ how the organic wine is made, but also thanks to the location, in unique surroundings between the Gador and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

However, what is an organic wine?


That's the million dollar question. Let's just say that in these estates, species of plants alpujarra almeriense to specific pests have been planted and selected, which avoids the use of pesticides or genetically modified organisms.