(JER Section ). AMW/JA, Version 1, dated 24 October Generally, fundraising is governed by AFI , Fundraising within the Air Force and AFI AFI. 32 CFR Ch. VII (7–1–17 Edition). § We notified the requester of this action (see. § ). . (i) AFI 40–, Family Advocacy. (j) AFI AFI 90–, Inspector General Complaints media/epubs/AFPAM36–pdf. (Air. /​media/​epubs/​AFPAMpdf (Air Force Pamphlet ). Military Whistleblower Protection and AFI , Inspector General.


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The volume is arranged in four primary sections by theme: Within each section, readers will find multiple chapters-each embracing a different perspective surrounding the section's theme.

This instruction is not to be used as a stand-alone document. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with AFMANManagement of Records, and disposed of in accordance with the Air Force Records Afi 24 301 epubs Schedule located at https: Refer recommended changes and questions about this publication to the office of primary responsibility using AF FormRecommendation for Change of Publication.

Vehicles damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, neglect or any other cause shall be turned in to Vehicle Management's Customer Service Center CSC section as soon as damage is discovered.

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The GSA will make the determination whether repairs are required and where the vehicle should be taken for repair work. At this time, CSC will take pictures of the damage and process a vehicle damage estimate identifying the estimated repair costs.

If the cost of the repair exceeds the GPC one-time limit, then a funds transfer is warranted and can be accomplished in one of the following ways: The agency providing the service is required to do an acceptance of the MIPR indicating that they can in fact provide afi 24 301 epubs service to the requesting agency.

Attitudes Aren't Free: Thinking Deeply about Diversity in the Us Armed Forces - Google Книги

Intra-theater movement requires a 3-day minimum supply; whereas, inter-theater movement requires a 5-day minimum supply. Originating MTF will ensure patient medication education for any prescribed pharmaceuticals. A separate form is needed for each controlled substance and dosage.

The patient meal afi 24 301 epubs is to be presented to the Dining Facility DFAC no later than 2 hours prior to the start of meal preparation.


ASF directs or provides meals to patients transiting the patient movement system. Attendants medical and non-medical are authorized to use MTF dining facilities when available at their own expense.

Afi 24 ,

In the event of altered transportation plans, the ASF shall obtain adequate nutritional provisions for patients and shall obtain and provide 3-day tube feeding supply for intra-theater patient movement and 5-day supply afi 24 301 epubs inter-theater movement. ASFs are responsible for the transportation of patients between their facility and the evacuation asset.

Depending upon the patient's needs, a nurse, medical technician, afi 24 301 epubs health service technician in addition to the driverplus emergency equipment may accompany patients in an Ambulance Bus AMBUSambulance or vehicles of opportunity according to patient requirements.

ASF personnel are also required to load and unload patients on and off aircraft or other evacuation asset. Additional medical personnel may be required due to patient acuity.

Afi 24 301 vehicle operations

Maintain, in accordance with Air Force and local directives, a comprehensive Events Log documenting activities, correspondence, communications and facility issues. The events log provides historical documentation of all activities afi 24 301 epubs the facility and should the need arise can be used to verify activities, as well as actions taken by unit personnel.

Verify mission information, including patient information, load data, special equipment requirements and aircraft information with appropriate agencies as directed by higher headquarters and local directives.

The physician at the originating facility will initiate appropriate documentation afi 24 301 epubs sign the AF FormPatient Movement recommending aeromedical evacuation of patients and attendants.

ASF clinical staff will document patient assessment and care, while ASF administrative staff will ensure documentation is available for use.

The flight surgeon clears the patient for flight and documents appropriately.